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7 Reasons To Buy Electronics From China

China has become the world’s largest maker of consumer electronics, producing more MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, Video Players, Electronic Gadgets, and other high tech products than any other country.

Have you ever wondered how you could buy direct from the source in China and make your own profits from this economic miracle?

According to a Statista market survey, the purchase of electronic gadgets is expected to grow at CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 9.1% between 2019 and 2023. This mean cheaper and better buying options for you! Not only will the number of electronics websites continue to grow but it is also getting easier and easier to buy from China.

1. Hottest Unseen Consumer Electronics And Gadgets

If you work together direct with suppliers in China you will be ahead of your competition. You will be able to buy many cutting-edge consumer electronics, long before they arrive in the retail stores back home. And you’ll have the chance to check out the newest products before they are even released.

2. Don’t Worry, They Speak English

Many trading companies and wholesalers in China are already experienced in dealing day to day with their foreign customers in English. And if you are lucky, you will be able to find partner companies in China which are wholly run by Europeans or Americans. Many of them will provide just the same quality of service and support as you would expect from anyone back home.

3. Isn’t China On The Other Side Of The World?

You can already see “Made In China” labels everywhere you go. Thanks to international logistics companies like FedEx, UPS and DHL practically any country in the world can receive consumer electronics straight from China. Wherever your customers are in the world, your next buying opportunity will be in China, especially with the increasing number of Chinese wholesale drop-shippers opening their services internationally.

4. Huge MOQs are not required anymore

In most manufacturing sectors in China, suppliers require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for their products before the production process even starts. However, recently it’s become much easier to order smaller quantities of electronics. You want one sample? You got it. You need 20 pieces for your online business? No problem! Online wholesalers are opening the electronics market for small to medium business like never before.

China-based eCommerce websites not only ship to individuals and businesses in the U.S. but almost anywhere in the world and they have more varied and specialist stock than retail stores, and their prices are significantly lower.

5. How can I Drop-Ship Electronics from China?

The traditional trade triangle of wholesaler – retailer – customer has been revolutionized through the Internet. Now at last you can ship direct from China to your customers worldwide without touching the products. (Just in case profiting with Chinese Wholesalers wasn’t a big enough opportunity already.) If you want learn more about How you can Drop-Ship Electronics from China just contact us here for a free consultation.

6. How Do I Pay My Suppliers If They’re In China?

With online wholesalers you can usually choose to pay in many international currencies, and even submit payment “the eBay way” – through Paypal or Stripe. Paypal offers total protection for buyers, and dealing with their approved online electronics wholesalers will give you extra peace of mind.

7. China – The world’s factory working for you!

China has been described as the world’s factory. The unbelievably cheap production costs for consumer electronics in China are well known to everybody.

Online wholesalers simply let you put those products straight in your cart, without all the hassle – and middlemen – normally associated with the import trade. With no sales taxes added or hidden charges, the price you pay… well, it will speak for itself.

A strong relationship with an electronics wholesaler in China will let you reap rewards for years to come.

7 Reasons To Buy Electronics From China

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